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  • 949 students
  • 21 lessons
  • 4 quizzes
  • 3 hour duration
949 students

Blockchain technology is geared to disrupt major industries in the years to come. There are already 1000+ large multinational corporations such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle (just to name a few) who have begun pilot projects creating business applications on blockchain. This nascent technology is going to make many of our everyday activities more secure and convenient. Blockchain provides the essentials of what is called a ‘shared ledger’ which if applied correctly, can save businesses time and costs and inadvertently cut-off the middleman.

Blockchain 101 is an entry level basic course which can be completed within 3-hours. This course provides an in-depth view of what blockchain technology is, how it works and what it can truly do for a business. Participants will go through key use cases and see first hand with live case studies and examples.

Course Modules

This is a self paced online course, broken down into 4 key sections:-

Section 1 – Blockchain Basics

    • Blockchain defined
    • Blockchain from a business point
    • Problems to solve
    • Relationship with bitcoin
    • Importance of blockchain for businesses
    • Technical needs and requirement
    • Quiz A

Section 2 – Benefits of Blockchain

    • Relevance of blockchain to a business
    • Consensus model, how it works?
    • Case study 1: Supply chain
    • Case study 2: Audit
    • Case study 3: LOC (Letter of credit)
    • Other industry examples
    • Adoption metrics
    • Quiz B

Section 3 – Business Transformation

    • Deep dive : IBM Hyperledger
    • Hyperledger Composer overview
    • Who’s working with blockchain?
    • Business model built with Hyperledger
    • Quiz C

Section 4 – Blockchain Assets Transfer

    • How to transfer assets using blockchain
    • Quiz D
    • Final words

What Will You Learn

Upon completing this course, you will…

    1. Learn about some of the common challenges facing business networks.
    2. How is Blockchain used to record and process transactions.
    3. How blockchain is utilized in a business environment.
    4. What are the key concepts and use cases of blockchain in business.
    5. How assets are transferred on the blockchain.

Exam & Certification

Students are required to complete the online course lessons and quizzes. The passing mark to qualify to receive a certificate is 70% and above. All Blockchain Academy certificates are timestamped on the blockchain, meaning anyone with your reference number is able to verify the authenticity of your cert and credentials. You can use this cert to show your level of achievement and gain the attention of prospective employers. Certificate cost: US$49 (inclusive of lamination & delivery). 

Certificate of Achievement Sample

  • Welcome Note
  • Section 1 - Blockchain Basics
  • Section 2 - Benefits of Blockchain
  • Section 3 - Business Transformation
  • Section 4 - Blockchain Assets Transfer
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My name is Sabrina. I'm a graduate of Business Finance from Walden University. I have a deep passion for blockchain technology. I love teaching children and senior citizens. I aspire to share more online training courses in the near future. Have questions/ need some help, contact support.

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